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Style: TURBO Pattern: 1810-005 Amber Tan Gray Roll Number: 2708115 037 Size: 13'2 x 43'9

Style: First Step Color: Trellis Rose Size: 12 x 21 Type: Residential Pricing: SQFT

Style: Commercial Loop Color: Lt Brown Size: 10'10 x 17'6 Type: Commercial Pricing: SQFT

Style: Academy Color: 1209 Winchester Blue Size: 20" x 20" SQFT/CTN: 54

Species: Red Oak Character Finish: Unfinished Color: Character Profile: Shoe Mold Pricing: LNFT

Style: STAR 45 Color: BROWN Size: 13'2 X 14'6 Type: ULTRATEX Pricing: SQFT

Style: FAVORITE Pattern: Mosaic Cinder (Paragon) 1400-394 Roll Number: 28847 Size: 12 X 61'4

Style: Sahara Color: Sanddrift Size: 12 x 15'4 Type: Berber Pricing: SQFT

Species: Merbau Finish: Prefinished Color: Natural Size: 3 5/8" X 5/8 SQFT/Carton: 31.8

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